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Hotel booking online-BOOKING.COM ARE YOU RELIABLE? IT’S GOOD? IT’S SAFE? KNOW THE ANSWERS FOR THESE AND OTHER QUESTIONS HERE! Finally came the dreamed vacation, it was all year planning the trip, if you would go by car or would have to be by plane etc. But there is always something that leaves us with the

Top Miami Hotels for Honeymooners

The sunny and beautiful city of Miami has charmed tourists for decades. There are many reasons but one of them is certainly the upscale, upscale and exclusive lodging that many hotels offer their guests. In Miami you will find some of the best hotels in the United States. They are luxury and high-end 5 star

Wynn Las Vegas – Tower Suites

The Wynn is such a fantastic hotel that needs lots of posts to talk about it (mostly from the restaurants!). But today I want to show you how Tower Suites is, which is a private area within the hotel itself. I chose to stay there this year and I can say it is well worth

Hotels in Buenos Aires

The choice of the region to stay in Buenos Aires depends very much on the profile of the visitor and their tastes. Regardless of the neighborhood chosen, there are a wide range of hotels and many price options. Staying in hotels, however, is not the only option in the city – consider also having more

Hotels in Santiago

The advantage of knowing a city like Santiago is that, usually, the lodging, when compared to Brazil, is much more in account. Santiago has hotels for various pockets and as the subway is easy, the neighborhood you choose will not negatively influence your tours. The hotels that offer the largest number of rooms are usually

Hotels in Madrid

The truth is that staying in Madrid is not cheap. Although there are options for all budgets, the hotels are a bit expensive. So there are options like hostels or apartment rentals that are often worth more than opting for a traditional hotel service. A great hostel pays off more than a “more or less”

Hotels in Machu Picchu

When choosing to stay in Machu Picchu, it is necessary to know that, near the archaeological site, there is, in fact, only one hotel. This hotel has received a lot of criticism, because it is in a region considered World Heritage by Unesco. Knowing this, you will have to choose a place around the city

Cancún hotels

Cancun could be divided into two parts. The first would be the center, with large supermarkets, multinational stores, and where, in fact, the Mexicans are. This part is also the one that has cheaper hotels, but it is not the most recommended to the tourist. The second part would be the Hotel Zone, which is

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Hotels in New York

Among the issues involved in planning a trip to New York, let’s face it, choosing lodging is what matters most. The “problem” of New York in this sense is that the lodgings are very expensive and those who want to pay cheap in lodging, cheap even, have to give up something, be it location or