Best hotel discount sites is the best hotel booking site in the evaluation of the large readers community of Top Destinations. The Dutch site was the preferred one and it won off: 61.67% of the participants of the research carried out by MD pointed it out as a favorite when it came to researching and booking their lodgings. Next in the survey they appear the American hotels (13.45%) and the Argentinean obtained the bronze medal (9.63%).

The ease of consulting and comparing hotels, with reviews and photos of other guests and good prices were pointed out as the main factors of Booking success. In the fourth place of the survey were readers who choose to buy on the hotel’s own website to get lower prices with 5.25% of the votes.

The survey was conducted in just two days and had more than 10,000 participants. To avoid any possibility of fraud, however, we considered only one vote per ip address, which resulted in a total of 8,800 valid responses.

The survey revealed that Brazilian sites are down on their international competitors. The best placed, Hotel Urbano, had only 1.70% of votes, followed by Submarino Viagens (0.76%) and CVC (0.73%).

The research also opened the possibility for participants to indicate any site they use through the “other” field. Altogether more than 20 sites were listed by readers – all with less than 1% of the vote. Among them are Expedia (0,93%), Trip Advisor (0,73%), Hotwire (0,70%), Trivago (0,64%), Priceline – who owns the Booking – (0,50%) , Hostelworld (0.27%), Detecta / Hotels Combined (0.2%) and Airbnb (0.19%).

Although not scientifically grounded, search is a great opportunity to know how most search and book hotels and allow them to exchange experiences and tips on sites that offer better services.

You can access here the original post where readers were invited to respond to the survey and see the various comments left by them.

Is that you? Do you agree with the search result? Are there any other cool tips? Leave in the comments and participate!