Cancún hotels

Cancun could be divided into two parts. The first would be the center, with large supermarkets, multinational stores, and where, in fact, the Mexicans are. This part is also the one that has cheaper hotels, but it is not the most recommended to the tourist. The second part would be the Hotel Zone, which is shaped like a number seven and is surrounded by the sea on one side and, on the other hand, by the Nichupté Lagoon. The Hotel Zone is the region of large hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and, especially, the beaches. So, you already know where to stay: in the Hotel Zone.

Choosing a hotel in Cancun is not such an easy task, after all, there are many options. To further understand the context, it is important to know that hotels in the Hotel Zone are almost always facing the beach, and along that great “seven”, where the famous Boulevard Kukulcán – the main avenue of the Hotel Zone, marked by kilometers (The smaller the number, the closer to the top of the seven, and the closer to the center).

The sea remains beautiful and turquoise throughout the hotels, but is not always calminho. The top of the “seven” is where the sea is quite calm, and has practically no waves. In the eastern part, where a large part of the Hotel Zone is located, the region faces the open sea and without the protection of an island, for example; So the waves are stronger. Be sure to orient yourself with a map to know where the hotel is and do not be disappointed by not finding what was in your plans.

The hotels at the top of the Hotel Zone are older and less grandiose, it is also where the sea is quieter; Regardless of the place you choose to stay, it is worth remembering that there are many buses passing through the Hotel Zone, and even at night you can go from one point to another of the hotel side without difficulty. The Plaza Forum, where most of the nightclubs are located, is at Km 9 of Boulevard Kukulcán, meaning if you want to enjoy the night of the city, try to stay in the adjacent kilometers. If you want to be close to a mall and restaurants, staying near La Isla (Km 12.5) is a good idea.

Many people go to Cancun on a honeymoon and are thinking of staying in an all inclusive hotel. At this point they ask themselves, “Is it worth it?” Not much. Cancun has many activities to do both during the day and at night, and staying only at the hotel can become a parting. What’s more, even the all inclusive does not work like in Punta Cana, where the attraction is the hotel. In Cancun you will leave the hotel several times, you can eat in good restaurants, visit malls, nightclubs, parks, etc. Choose a comfortable hotel with good structure to stay on the beach, which is enough – All inclusive is coolest to stay in the Riviera Maya.