Hotels in Machu Picchu

When choosing to stay in Machu Picchu, it is necessary to know that, near the archaeological site, there is, in fact, only one hotel. This hotel has received a lot of criticism, because it is in a region considered World Heritage by Unesco.

Knowing this, you will have to choose a place around the city to stay. The nearest village is Aguas Calientes, the last one before the archaeological site (20 minutes by bus). It is advantageous to stay in it because its infrastructure is good and thus you have the opportunity to meet MP earlier. Other places, such as Ollantaytambo (2 hours by train) and Cusco (between 3 and 4 hours by train), are also used by tourists to spend the night.

The values ​​of the accommodations vary as in the big cities – there are from five star hotels to hostels – but keep in mind that the accommodations are usually short, since one day is enough to get to know Machu Picchu and most of the hotels are simple. Large, comfortable hotels are very expensive.

In Aguas Calientes, a good option for those who do not want to spend a lot is the Inti Wiñaywayna Hotel. The place is simple but sufficient for a short stay. If you want a more luxurious lodging, but at the same time with a good structure, opt for Sumaq. The daily prices are salty, and it is more advisable for those who go to the place celebrating a special date.

In Cusco, there are many more options – and better. Staying in the city is interesting because you can also get to know the sights of there. Cusco was the capital of Inca culture and there are plenty of interesting places to visit. Novotel, for example, is a cool option for those who want comfort and good location.