The 7 best airports in Brazil

Although many people complained about the quality of Brazilian airports, there was a clear improvement over these places compared to what they were a few years ago. Major world events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics, have meant that the Federal Government has to invest in infrastructure and this includes airports.

With this, Brazil currently has good air transportation spaces to receive the most diverse types of people, whether travelers who wish to know the country or even foreign businessmen working in Brazil.

In addition, regional airports have also been modernized, trying to match a quality standard imposed on large national capitals. With this, for you who are traveling, it has become much easier to get around to the most different destinations.

In this text, we will talk a bit about the seven best Brazilian airports, so that you can get to know them a little better. Do you want to know which are these seven large airports present in Brazil and that have a great quality? So keep reading until the end and find out what the places are.


Guarulhos airport, the largest and one of the most modern in Brazil, has received several improvements in recent years, which has raised the standard of service that this place had, reducing queues and the time of boarding passengers.

There is, for example, a new terminal, which is the third of this space, created exclusively to pay attention to international flights, with which there was a clear improvement in the attendance and time for boarding.


Another airport that has a great prominence within Brazil is that of Curitiba, including being considered one of the best in the country, in several rankings made by specialists, on the best existing airports.

This happens because Curitiba Airport has a unique infrastructure, with several places to eat, to buy and even a hotel inside the airport.

So if a flight has to be canceled or there is a long delay there is a suitable place for travelers to stay as long as that situation is resolved.


A third full-fledged airport in Brazil is that of Santos Dumont, in Rio de Janeiro, as the site underwent a major renovation because of the Olympics and today it presents a series of advantages for its customers, such as fast boarding and Quality of care.


To try to attract even more customers with the objective of visiting the Northeast, the airport of Recife is one of the most evolved, being currently among the seven best in Brazil.

This is due to its great infrastructure and also the constant trainings that its employees spend, even in training courses. With this, there are a number of good points of using this space.


Since its opening, Viracopos airport in Campinas has become a very interesting option for access to regional airplanes by the population of São Paulo, leaving the flow of passengers from both Guarulhos and Congonhas much smaller, which has increased the quality These two airports.

With this, the airline Azul uses Viracopos as one of its main areas of operation in the state of São Paulo, placing several flights in this direction, using the power and quality that Viracopos has.


Due to the renovation that took place for the World Cup, the airport of Manaus became one of the main points of embarkation of passengers of all the Northeast, with a suitable structure to receive this great contingent of people.

Thus, there is a demand corresponding to the size of this place, with the services being provided with speed and quality, especially with regard to boarding and disembarkation of passengers.


To close the list of the seven best Brazilian airports includes Christmas, which has a boarding room with free Wifi, excellent staff to expedite at the time of boarding, a safe airstrip and a compliance in the schedule of flights above Of the national standard.